I bet you love shooting games, don’t you? I am also a fan of FPS games and have been playing various games for like last ten years or so, lately, I have switched to browser games and I was surprised by how advanced browser games have become lately. One of the game suggestions that I want to share with you today is – Pixel Gun 3D. At the first glance, the game looks like the classic 8-bit color engine, it features dynamic movements, a smoothly running engine, a lot of weaponry, maps, and other cool stuff that we will cover later on in this guide. Stay with us and don’t miss anything important.

This multiplayer shooting game features a blocky world, kind of like Minecraft but it is FPS edition, a pretty good idea I must say because I don’t recall anyone else doing something similar before. I have mentioned world multiplayer before and I want to dive into details, alright so this game allows players from all around the world to enjoy a united lobby where everyone can play together. Unlike other boring dull games out there, here you can challenge real people and improve your gaming skills by playing against competitive and skilled players.

Other modes
There are various modes in the game, in order to find the one that suits the best your style of gaming I would suggest giving a try to each one of them. However, I must point out that is one main mode that attracts most of the people – Battle Royale. This game mode is well-known in other similar games as well and you know how to play it, last pixelated character standing is the winner all of the others are losers.

Various servers
At the very beginning of the game, you have the opportunity to select your server according to your location in order to minify lag and enjoy the best possible gaming experience. There are the following main locations available: Europe, America and Asia. You kind of need a good internet connection if you want to fully experience fast-paced gameplay in Pixel Gun 3D.

Right after selecting your server you can view the list of available lobbies, find the one that has free slots available in them and enjoy your match.

I am so excited to share my experience with this part of the game, main reason why I feel this way is because I have absolutely enjoyed how things are placed in the maps, like buildings, obstacles, roads, houses, etc. Everything is built with intentions to bring fast-paced gameplay for players, there are not so many hiding locations and a decent amount of open areas where opponents can see each other from long distances.

There are a pretty good amount of available maps in the game, you won’t have to play the same map often and you can enjoy different locations almost every single round.

There are so many things you can do in this game, so many weapons you can choose from, tons of different maps that are built in a creative way, challenging and thrilling matches, skilled players from all around the world, and other little things that in total can bring an enjoyable experience to you. Scroll up, hit that play button, and make sure that your name is listed in the top charts!